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'Humanity is old, civilization is new: the mesh of cogs is by no means smooth and this is as it should be. Never should a man enter a building of glass or metal, or a spaceship, or a submarine, without a small shock of astonishment; never should he avoid an act of passion without a small sense of effort. We of the Institute receive an intensive historical inculcation; we know the men of the past, and we have projected dozens of possible future variations, which, without exception, are repulsive. Man, as he exists now, with all his faults and vices, a thousand gloriously irrational compromises between two thousand sterile absolutes is optimal. Or so it seems to us who are men.'
--- Jack Vance, "Xaviar Skolcamp, Over-Centennial Fellow of the Institute" in The Killing Machine

A 'civilized' man is one who understands the debt he owes history; he may not condone the qualities of his society but he certainly should exhibit sympathy for it, even if he is compelled to tear it down. A civilized man will never rebel merely through boredom or malice; a society is irreparably corrupt when such men cease supporting the status quo. "Don't make me come over there."

Never create a social environment that obligates enlightened men to work to destroy it. Do not bore them, or rob them of dignity, or belittle their ingenuity, or frustrate their ambitions, or force them to abide obvious mediocrity. Do not make a public mockery of 'common decency'.

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